Perfectly - More than just an Agency

So, what does “more” really mean?


» We unite brands with Influencers

One of todays strongest channel in communication is also one of the newest; Influencer-based advertising.
As somewhat of an expert in both marketing, managing and production we offer vast knowledge in the art of fine Ambassador relationship.
Our Influencers work with us past the paycheck from their social account, in a way that you as a Brand guarantees a new level of a co-operative marketing bond.

» We produce worldclass content

Our main focus is, and always will be, quality. To achieve that throughout our projects; we ourselves create most of the content that we produce for our Brands together with our Influencers.
With everything from music to photo to film, we possess avid backgrounds in all of the broadest fields of communicative production.
As a Brand, that gives you fewer middle-men and more control.

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» We build top Influencers

Unlike other agencies, we see our Influencers as more than just a social account – we see them as individual brands. That being said, we constantly work day and night to develop that particular profile to its utmost potential.
All our Influencers have a dedicated manager that see to their specific interest and to their personal brand. So instead of having a large bulky amount of Influencers; we focus on few and larger profiles that grows together with us.

» We invest in your content

A simple formula sais it all: You do well = we do well.
For us, that means that we constantly challenge our Influencers to take new grounds in forums possibly unknown to them. That way, they expand their reach and might just find their new favourite channel.
Wanna try a podcast? Sure! A YouTube series too? Done! And new promo-pictures too? Why not! Since we produce everything in-house; the possibilities are endless. 

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Sarah Tjulander joins PERFECTLY

A new addition to the PERFECTLY-team is the multi-entrepreneur Sarah Tjulander. Sarah strives to be the name in entrepreneurship for young women and as a part of PERFECTLY – the sky is the limit.
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Johannes Lagtun och Morgan Hassel grundar PERFECTLY – ett revolutionerande bolag inom Influencer Marketing och Content Production där en nytänkande och effektiv affärsmodell garanterar deras kunder och Influencers ett längre
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Welcome to the new Perfectly

We are proud to finally present our new website. Here you will get the latest news from us, see our Influencers and soon you’ll be able to follow the projects
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